Paige Mortensen

Paige Mortensen – Artist’s Statement

Crunchy fall leaves, footprints in the snow or sand, sticks floating down the spring rivers, and all nature’s patterns.  Each season and year brings its own inspiration. I notice the patterns and textures, the colours and values and am excited to translate those into my own expressions of the world around me.

For the last 10 years watercolour batik has been my focus. I love the structured process that takes over, teaching me to let the wax and watercolour to do their work. It has given me the courage to be curious and ask ‘what if I try this’. Sometimes the results surprise me in a happy way, other times, not so much. I have learnt that that is okay and to carry on trying to express what I see and feel. Recently I have begun to explore combining my paper batiks with the Encaustic process, bringing wax back into the finished pieces.

My work can be found in the boutique at the Saskatchewan Craft Council, And Art Gallery in Davidson and on my website: paigemortensen.ca. 

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