Paige Mortensen, Artist

My name is Paige Mortensen and I am an artist working in watercolour batik. Batik is an ancient art form originally done with wax and dyes on fabric. The watercolour batik process still uses wax as a resist but I work on Ginwashi paper and use watercolours as the pigment. The resulting pieces have a fabric look to them and are filled with texture. It has been my experience that the soft colours, rich texture and gentleness of the images fascinate viewers. They are always curious to learn about the process and often relate it to that of making pysanka.

Following trips to Europe in 2008 and 2014 I have been focusing on a body of work looking at the ancient architecture we saw there. My main focus has been on doors and windows.  I am constantly intrigued by, and continue to wonder about, the lives of the people who built these places. Who lived there then? What were their daily lives like? Who else has lived there since?  The day-to-day lives of ordinary people are of great interest to me.

Ordinary things from my own life make up my second major body of work. Flowers are a common choice because they brighten a room and bring a feeling of love and connection to others. They also remind me of my Grandma who had a special place in my life.

This is my studio where the explorations happen: